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My name is Kate and I have been lucky enough to be traveling since I was a little girl. Leaving our suburban house to go anywhere felt so exciting – not to mention I got to ride backwards in the rumble seat all the way “down the shore” to Ocean City, NJ! It was the 1970s and with five children and a Ford paneled station wagon, we were straight out of the movie, “Vacation.” That car, usually spared for shuttling kids to practices or getting dinged in the Country Butcher parking lot, became a portal to new experiences and lots of learning. Our parents took us to Maine, Boston, Virginia and Florida. My first airplane ride was to visit family in Ireland when I was ten years old. That must have been when my wanderlust took hold as I spent the rest of my youth and young adulthood staring into the sky dreaming of my next jet out of wherever I was. It was likely no surprise when I became a flight attendant! I went from rumble seat to jump seat and couldn’t believe my good fortune. My parents could fly “space available” on my benefits and were able to travel together for years. It felt very full circle for me to help them see more of the world. Love was in the air one day on a random flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico and I met my now husband as he travelled for business. We landed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania in 2003.

Our children, Brian (14) and Hope (9), attend Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School. Their virtual school experience allows them to have school wherever there is WiFi. They’ve been lucky enough to log in to classes from Hawaii, Ocean City, NJ, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Florida and more. Outside of school, travel can teach us so much and we feel lucky that we can share these lessons with our kids. We feel like immersing them in experiences that require them to exhibit patience, spontaneity and thinking outside the box can only benefit them. We also want them to see as much of the world as possible before they “leave the nest” and to never take nature for granted.

Where would you like travel to take you and your family? I would be happy to help you achieve your travel dreams.

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